Learning Circle Literacy Program

“The Learning Circle Literacy Program” has been chosen by the City of Prince George to receive donated books from this year’s second annual Literacy Legacy.

The project is a collaboration between the Prince George Native Friendship Centre and College of New Caledonia, based out of the Native Friendship Centre in Prince George. While the program serves those of all ages, it specializes in helping adult learners gain skills in literacy, numeracy and computer skills.

Literacy itself is more than the ability to read and write, states the LCLP website. Quoting the United Nations, it suggest that "a new and expanded vision of literacy is essential for success. Such renewed vision admits that literacy is not confined to any particular age, institution; that it is related to various dimensions of personal and social life and development; that it embraces a wide range of scenarios, strategies and means that it is a lifelong learning process.”

The LCLP provides educational materials which focuses on the learners’ specific needs. Things that many people take for granted, such as reading a newspaper, getting a driver's license, and reading to their children can only be accomplished after literacy is established.

This year, the NCLGA is asking you to provide books to aid adult literacy. Beginner-level books would help the Learning Circle Literacy Program and its participants the most. Keep in mind literacy is not limited to reading – you may provide beginner numerical literacy workbooks, et cetera.

If you are interested in learning more about the program or discussing what specifically you can provide to aid new learners & participants, please contact:


Laurie Kingston

Learning Circle Literacy Program (LCLP)

Prince George Native Friendship Centre


1600 - 3rd Avenue, Prince George, BC V2L 3G6

Phone (250) 564-3568, Ext. 238

Fax (250) 563-0924


Email: literacy@pgnfc.com