NCLGA December Update


The NCLGA team has been busy these past few months. On top of our daily routine of liasing with all levels of government, related organizations, and educational institutions, we've put together a list of notable items to update you on what we've been up to.


Northern Health: Madison was able to attend the "Impacts of Resource Development on Communities in the North Roundtable" meeting on behalf of the NCLGA in December. An email will follow in the next couple weeks with how communities can inform the research work they're doing in concert with UNBC, the First Nations Health Authority, Fraser Basin Council, and other related stakeholders.


Fraser Basin Council: After attending the NCLGA's November meeting, our two organizations have entered into talks with how we can better communicate with one another. A possible avenue we are exploring is another Memorandum of Understanding, similar to what the NCLGA has done with Omineca Beetle Action Coalition and Northern Development. 


Nechako Watershed Roundtable: Our President, Brian Frenkel, has secured the NCLGA a spot on the Nechako Watershed Roundtable, a subsidiary of the Fraser Basin Council. He has attended two preliminary meetings so far, establishing committee structures and a basic outline for the roundtable and their discussions. 


UBCM & DNA Downloading: The NCLGA's Communications & Development Officer, Madison, teamed up with UBCM communications staff to provide media support on the DNA Downloading issue. In hopes of spreading the news in Northern BC, a press release was sent out educating Northern media outlets of the circumstances, and detailing our President's views on the matter. The release also endorsed UBCM President Al Richmond's call for the Government of BC to revisit the issue and open up the floor for discussions. The release can be viewed here.


Spinal Cord Injury BC: A letter of support was drafted for SCI BC for their application for funding through the Job Creation Program. We are waiting to hear back on the outcome of this.


Cumulative Impacts Research Consortium: A letter of support was drafted for CRIC for their application for funding through the Real Estate Foundation of BC. We are waiting to hear back on the outcome of this.


NCLGA November Board Meeting: As always, the November Board Meeting was a productive one, with guest speakers from Access 2024, Fraser Basin Council, Northern Health, and updates from the Omineca Beetle Action Coalition. Finances for the 2016 year were addressed, and Convention c-chair Cheryl Shuman updated the board on plans for the AGM in May. 


Call for Resolutions, Nominations, & Convention Bid Packages: A package was sent out to all municipalities & regional districts within the NCLGA area. This package included a call for 2016 resolutions, nominations, and the 2017 convention bid package. If you did not receive this package or wish to receive another copy, please email Madison at 


FCM Submissions: The NCLGA is pleased to report that two of our three Board-sponsored resolutions have gone forward (Rail Safety & Rape Culture) to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities by UBCM. We're pleased to say in addition to our Gold Star resolution (Inquiry into Missing & Murdered Aboriginal Women) and the Cariboo RD’s Orange Shirt Day resolution was also put forward to FCM!


Greater Community Consultation = Better Forestry Decisions: As part of his UBCM portfolio, our President sits on the Minister’s Forests and Range Practices Advisory Council. Acknowledging that communities are more than just stakeholders, President Frenkel has been advocating to his Advisory Council colleagues for greater community consultation prior to forestry decisions being made. Please take the time to show that when presented with an opportunity to provide the Province with feedback, we step up to the plate. 

The survey can be found here: