Priorities & Planning Committee Meeting


Our current Priorities and Planning Committee is headed by Luke Strimbold, Mayor of Burns Lake. Members include Laurey-Anne Roodenburg, Councillor for the City of Quesnel; Joan Sorley, Director for the Cariboo Regional District; and Shaely Wilbur, Councillor for the City of Dawson Creek.

At this June’s meeting, the Priorities and Planning Committee (P&P Committee) discussed adding an additional member, increasing the total to five NCLGA executives on the P&P Committee.

Plans for an Endowment Fund were also set in motion, hinging upon the final say of the entire NCLGA Executive during our July board meeting in Prince George, BC. The Endowment Fund is being created in hopes of increasing our advocacy potential, and bringing our vast region together on a more regular basis. This will unite us in our shared struggles and add greater legitimacy to our north-centric concerns.

Not limited to local governments, this Endowment Fund plans to do good on our Strategic Plan’s promise to be inclusive – reaching out to nonprofits, First Nations, and for-profits alike in order to provide a general, well-formed consensus among North Central stakeholders on important issues.

More on this will be released as details are approved for distribution, following our board meetings in July and September.

NCLGA also plans to continue supporting post-secondary education. The P&P Committee committed to using speakers fees at our AGM to continue funding local scholarships for post-secondary students at local institutions. Whether this be at NLCC, UNBC, CNC, or elsewhere, the host community will have the opportunity to choose which post-secondary institution will receive the year’s funding.

As sponsorship money from this year’s AGM exceeded expectations, an advocacy trip to Victoria was also discussed. By bringing concerns and resolutions directly to the Province and its ministers, the P&P Committee felt it would reinforce our willingness to ‘meet in the middle’ on contentious issues that each side would like to see resolved.

Finally, our P&P Committee strategized ways in which current resolutions could be acted upon, and discussed key messaging for our association going forward. By setting achievable goals and delineated steps, resolutions take form. The committee was able to take many north-centric resolutions from far-off, idealized goals to concrete plans for resolve. Our key messaging also helped to solidify plans for our organization.

Taking cues from our Four-Year Strategic Plan, our historical past, and our mandated responsibilities, key messaging was created to guide us in our daily activities, future plans, and permanent values. When we speak with united, repeated goals & messaging, those who wish to know who we are, what we do, and what we stand for are able to do so quickly and efficiently, and without confusion.

Check back at soon for more information and to read what the NCLGA’s key messaging sheet holds. Member communities and their representative politicians are encouraged to read over the condensed, easily accessible sheet so they understand who the NCLGA is representing, and how we do our job.